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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just for the Fun of it

Sometimes it's fun to do a Bronx Cheer even when there's nothing to hide. (. . . or is there?!)

If that sentence makes no sense to you, check out our instructions for Bronx Cheer in this newsletter.

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Zentangle said...

To our passionate Tanglers......my reminder to do your "string" in pencil. This allows you to use it when you want ... and not use it when the opportunity to do something fun comes up. Like blending tangles, one to another, or morphing them, Escher-like. And it creates a more feathered boundary, a more magical look. If you create your string in pen, this opportunity disappears, and your Zentangle has a more "coloring book" look. Which is fine, if that was your intention. best, maria

Heather Victoria Held said...

Looks great with the tangles all around the edges! The Master Class looked phenomenal! Can't wait to see finished illuminated letters from the participants.

Big hug,

Carole Ohl said...

Good point about the pencil lines. I like that word, "opportunity"! That is so true, too. The pencil lines allow for more of the "what ifs" to find their way into (or out of) a tangle!

Tricia, CZT said...

I love this concept! Many tanglers may already be using this morphing technique, but I had never thought of it in quite the same way as Maria described, above. I think this will help lots of our students to feel less 'rigid' about staying inside the (string) lines if, as they draw their tangle, their strokes are reaching out to areas "beyond the border". Thanks, Maria.

Shelly Beauch said...

Thanks Maria, your zentangles always seem to grow, flourish and bloom. Is that 'your story' growing, flourishing and blooming?