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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Maria loves this picture of her (on left) with her sisters and this morning she made it into a stand up display.

She slit scored some grey mat board so it would stand up like a tent. She trimmed the photo with a deckle trimmer and glued it to grey mat board. Without using a ruler, she drew a string in pencil to define the border and then filled it in with perfs and a variation of zander.

Material used:
  • Grey mat board
  • Knife
  • Deckler
  • Sakura® Pigma™ black and brown Micron pens
  • Pencil
  • General's® Charcoal White™ pencil
Suggestion: When you add the white, add it sparingly. Don't highlight every bead of perfs.


Total project time: About 30 minutes.

Click images for larger views.


Carole Ohl said...

Thanks for sharing the how-to's and thanks for sharing the photo! How lucky you are, Maria. Sisters are a wonderous thing:)

Heather said...

Great picture and wonderful idea!


Sandhya said...

Ohh..such a wonderful idea..and a simple zentangle adds soo much charm to the picture..

Sue Clark said...

Wonderful picture and tangle. I also have a picture of me with my 3 sisters that I can do this with for each of them. Thanks so much for the idea and the instructions-love it!!!

Jane Monk said...

What a lovely photo ... a memory to be sure! Love the frame too.

Kit Murdoch said...

Thanks for posting tools info, too. I just found General's® Charcoal White™ for sale online in Australia. Yay! My family rates 2 girls (my sister and I) and 4 boys... and it's a rare thing indeed to get all 6 of us in one photo (happened last time in 1986!). Perhaps Photoshop [grin].

Zentangle said...

I also have 3 brothers, and we have photos taken almost every year in the "lineup" of the seven of us.....oldest to youngest. I am next to the youngest. what fun......Maria

Bonnie said...

Absolutely wonderful personalization! I'm still impressed that there are four lovely sisters in this group (having no sisters at all!).

Cookie said...

Hi, Maria
I love this picture of your sisters and you. I have two Sisters myself and I have a photo of the 3 of us one of the Cousin or Aunts taken of us standing together back when I was about 32-33 years old at the family Thanksgiving or Christmas get-togethers. I haven't see that photo in a long time, but this is a great idea on how to display it. I also have one Brother who's the baby of the family. We are all Stair-Steppers. My Brother turned 47, My youngest Sister is 48, my other Sister is 49 and I'm 50 year old.
When I locate that photo, that's what I'll do it with once I locate it. I would use green, purple or blue since those are my favorite colors.