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Friday, December 17, 2010


While Maria was out she started this Zentangle, but didn't have time to shade it. (Her food came!)

"I love it! May I shade it?"


What fun!

That first tile is colored by the early morning golden rays of sun shining through our window.

Click images for larger view.


LyndaKay said...

What a difference a "shade" makes! Did you use the pencil that is offered for sale at zentangle.com or something else? I think it is a number 2 pencil.

Carole Ohl said...

Wow! What a transformation. It's a great example of how different a tile looks when it's turned, too.

Heather Victoria Held said...

This is amazing! A great tag-team piece!

Unknown said...

Wonderful shading!

Phine said...

It´s always amazing how shading modifies a ZT… Wonderful teamwork!

Btw: The pencil you sell with the kit – is it really a 'normal' pencil??? I think it´s less gleaming as the pencils I´m used to drawing with. As if it contents more of charcoal than of graphite.

Zentangle said...

LindaKay and Phine,

Yes, it was one of our regular kit pencils which are said to be a 2. I used a tortillon to smudge the shading so that may have dulled the "gloss" you sometimes get. Also, the sun was still at a low angle.

- Rick

Zentangle said...


At first I had the top one rotated to match the bottom one, but because of the light angle it looked weird, like a face lit from below.

So I put it back so that the light came from the same direction in both photos.

As you said, this gave an added benefit of seeing it in different rotations.

- Rick

Victoria said...

Wow, it looks amazing. I just got my kit so I can start learning zentangles, but I haven't braved one yet! The shading really makes a difference.