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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Totally Tangled"

Sandy Steen Bartholomew, CZT [website] just received a great review on her new Zentangle-inspired book, Totally Tangled.

There are also many wonderful reviews on Totally Tangled's Amazon page.

Congratulations, Sandy!



Carole Ohl said...

Yes, a great review. Congrats to Sandy for all that she brings to the Zentangle community. The review also described Zentangle in such a wonderful way. Awesome all the way around!

stART said...

I love that website and I'm not at all surprised that they love Sandy's book!

bajeanne48 said...

I can't wait for Sandy's next book!

Barbara Allen

Heather Victoria Held said...

Great review of a wonderful book!!
thanks for sharing,

Kristy said...

I so Love Sandy and her book ! I have a signed copy that I treasure in my reference library. I too can not wait for her next book . Congratulations Sandy !!!avirdou

Unknown said...

I am a virtual tangler. I found Sandy's book on Etsy. It has been a major source of learning about zentangle for me. I now live in Tel Aviv, Israel and between Sandy's books and wonderful videos on the web, I am growing daily in my zentangle practice.

Congrats Sandy on the book review!!! Keep up the great work.

jaynlando said...

My daughter gave me this book for Christmas because I had it on my Christmas list. I Love it!!