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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Zentangle Flood Relief

Jane Monk, CZT in Tasmania, Australia [blog] [web] wrote to us yesterday:
You may have heard about all the flooding in Australia. The Queensland Premier has a flood aid appeal and a group of blogging quilters have had an online auction - very successful as they have raised over $45,000. I auctioned three items - two related to Zentangle - the Zentangle Kit raised $120 and one of my Zentangle drawings raised $225, one of the unsuccessful bidders was quite keen so I offered to do another drawing for her at her last bid of $200 - she was very pleased to accept the offer...so Zentangle related items raised $545 in total from my little auction ... I thought I would share that with you, it reinforces my thought that Zentangle really does go everywhere and affects everybody... hugs

Here's an image of one of Jane's Zentangle creations for Australia's flood aid auction. The winner can choose a letter which Jane will add to the framed area.

What wonderful creations and contributions, Jane! See what else Jane created for this fundraiser at this blog entry.

Click image for larger views


Carole Ohl said...

Great idea and a great offering. Gorgeous work, Jane!

Donna Hornsby said...

Absolutely wonderful! I am so thrilled to read how you are able to use Zentangle to help others. I understand flooding all too well as my farm went under water in 2004. Clearly Zentangle was not on my radar then.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jane,

I live in Brisbane and saw firsthand the devastation the river wrought. We all appreciate your efforts to help out the Queenslanders.


Lois Heinani Stokes said...

Whispering Aloha to you Jane ~ for helping to make this world a better place ~ through your beautiful art

Diane Lachance said...

Your tangles on this piece are gorgeous, and congrats on the auction.

Jane Monk said...

Thank you everyone ... the total auction raised $99,089 Australian Dollars for the relief fund ... a fantastic effort ... and a few more people have been introduced to Zentangle.