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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Website

Today we have switched over to a new website. Although it has a similar look as our previous site, its underlying structure has been completely rewired.

Imagine someone totally replacing the plumbing and wiring in a house. It may not look different, but behind its walls and underneath its floors everything is changed. And just like that house, the address didn't change . . . it's still zentangle.com.

We have a new and increased appreciation for well designed and smoothly functioning websites. We are grateful to Artifextech and their web development team. This new site works because they are really good at what they do. They are also fine people who have been to our home and studio and appreciate what Zentangle is all about.

As you can see, we've kept the same layout and colors, but we've reorganized the structure, added features and laid a foundation for growth and development.

Some key changes include:
  • Creation of a membership feature
  • Individual pages for each Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) that each CZT can edit
  • Integration of a secure store within our own website
  • Automatic reply with tracking number when we ship your order
  • Change home page images to display on iPads (We replaced Flash with Java.)
  • Online registration for CZT training and other events (We will turn this on in about a week from now.)
  • Reword text in light of trademark protection best practices
  • Lots of additional information (that keeps growing)
We've been testing things for a couple months now with our CZTs and we've cleaned up quite a few glitches. We expect that you will find some more things that will need fixing or could be improved. Please feel free to comment about them here on this blog or email us. If you email us, we ask your understanding in possibly not getting a reply. We do read and appreciate everything, but the volume of mail is such that, much as we'd like to, we don't always get to answer every email.

Thank you for playing with us on this wonderful Zentangle adventure. Enjoy our new website and please let us know if there's anything that needs fixing.

Sometimes it can take a while to propagate the new address pointers throughout the world wide web. So if you don't see the new site right away, keep checking. 



Carole Ohl said...

Congratulations! We so appreciate all your efforts on this! I just placed an order and everything worked beautifully! Love the Paypal option. So easy. Thank you!

Melanye Narcarti said...

Congratulations! I'm happy to see you moving forward! I'm ready to place another order. I just LOVE Zentangle! Good luck to you both!

Melanye Narcarti said...

At this moment, I am unable to sign up for membership. I entered all the required info, but when I go to sign in, it did not recognize me. I'm sure this will all clear up, just wanted to let you know, in case. :o)

Zentangle said...

It can take about 24 hours or so for the new web site to propagate. Until then you may go back and forth between getting the new, the old, the new, the old, website.

In a day or so it should sort itself out . . . so I am told.

- Rick

Melanye Narcarti said...

Thanks Rick. Patience is yet to be learned for me! Ha! That's another thing about Zentangle: I have all the patience in the world while I am doing them, just knowing I am creating something beautiful.

I will continue to check, and I can't wait to order some of the new products! Have a good day.

Lois Heinani Stokes said...

Congratulations on the birth of your new web site. The birthing process takes time but oh how joyous is the life that it brings. Thank you for making this happen.

Anonymous said...

The site looks good. Well done.

You did ask for any glitches to be reported so .... the LEARN button on the top bar works OK, but that on the lower bar takes you to an error message.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to purchase a zentangle holder. I chose the least expensive shipping, a small priority mail envelope. When I clicked to go to the next screen, the shipping method switched to the most expensive option.

Nancy said...

Enjoying exploring the site. Found a broken link when clicking on the kit- here is where it took me:

Carol said...

Great new website!!
I am not on list of CZT's. Is something wrong? I'm Carol Knight from Texas and I went to CZT session #3.

Anonymous said...

Love to see that Zentangle has a website!

Registered but it never asked me for a username or password. Once I pressed NEXT after my general information input it just stated that my cart was empty. Also when I press JOIN in the members only section nothing happened.

Keep up the great work!