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Monday, November 21, 2011

Tangled Shirt

Barbara sent this email to her Zentangle teacher, CZT Jeannie Mahood:
Look what I did!!  This is for an MG fund raising auction to be held in Athens, GA.  It was fun and has more than 25 different variations of patterns!  I'm very proud of myself as you can tell!

Six artists were given white cotton shirts to re-create for the auction.  It's this weekend and I hope it is a good fundraiser! 


Jeannie suggested she send it to us. We're glad she did.

Here's a closer view:

Nice work, Barbara!

Click images for larger views.


Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity said...

Wow this is gorgeous. What beautiful and very special. Love it so much.
Lovely greet

Carole Ohl said...

Gorgeous is right!

crotnem said...

Lovely, what pen did you use!?

Lois Heinani Stokes said...

I love it!

Sue Clark said...

Beautiful work!

Jane Monk said...

That is incredibly cool!

Melanye Narcarti said...

I love that!

Peg Farmer said...

Beautiful!....and proves, one more time, that no surface is safe from tangling!!! It's lovely. Thanks for sharing this.

Tangled party favors said...

The designs are cute, it is very adorable for kids to wear!

RED said...

I had never considered tangling clothing, but now.....! Beautiful work, congratulations! RED

Sandy said...


Your shirt is beautiful! Do you have an update on the auction? Also, what kind of pen did you use to create your shirt?

Once again, just beautiful, you must be so proud!!