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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tea Time

As promised, Here are the winners (drawn randomly) from all the wonderful tanglers who commented.
  1. "Vickie Lampron" 
  2. "Webster" 
  3. "anon" who thanked Mary C and Debbie K 
  4. "Jo-Ellen Matthews" 
  5. "Marlene Waters" and. . . . 
  6. A special one for Annabelle (art belles) for the great lyrics she made up for "Ode to Zentangle"! 
Please, all, email me (maria) at zentangle@gmail.com with your emails or tel # so I can arrange the distribution of the tiles! (We tried to contact you, but couldn't figure out how to do it.)
  • Vickie, tell me your top choice
  • Webster, tell me your top two choices 
  • "anon," tell me your top three choices
  • Jo-Ellen, tell me your top four choices.
Congrats and thank you all. I wish I had 120 tiles to hand out.

But wait, oh no! could it be? Another chance for a tile?!

This has been so much fun, and since it's still fun, . . . here goes . . . .

I love tea. Anyone who knows me, knows this. (Coffee, too, but not so much.) I also love that pretty much the only place you can get a really great cup of tea is at home. I love tea's ceremony, simplicity, and formality. I love its warmth, comfort, and drinking it with others.
And, I love its color.

I have used tea for years as: stain, tint, paint, warming agent, aging agent, blush, flush, shade, tone, and wash. (I remember my mom staining linens or crocheted doilies with tea . . . nice memories.)

My hands are happiest with a brush (or pen) in hand and they are usually close by. So it's not surprising that tea would find its way onto my Zentangle tiles (an all cotton fiber paper).

I like to use the bottom of a pot that's been sitting a while. So, give this a try . . . when you have a bit at the bottom of your cup – even a q-tip will do – wash the edges or set a focus on a particular tangle. . . fun stuff. No need to run to the art supply store . . . kinda classy.

Remember, subtlety is what you are looking for. You can always go over it again for more color. This is great. We're back to creating our own "paints". . . just like Da Vinci and Rembrandt! What do you think? Where will this lead?

Surely we could use a cranberry wash or "coffee and cream"? How about some crushed blueberries or a really nice . . . hmm . . . "RICKY, can you open that really nice red wine we've been saving . . . ."


Supplies used:
  • Zentangle tiles
  • Black Sakura® Pigma® micron 01
  • Black Sakura Pigma Graphic 1
  • White Sakura GellyRoll®
  • White chalk pencil
  • Graphite Pencil
  • brush
  • Red Rose® Tea
  • Clos de los Siete – a Malbec blend  

Rick adds,
Tea time really is a special time for us here. Every day, we all take a break around ten in the morning for tea and a snack. Work stops; everyone gathers on the porch; oftentimes family and friends stop by. (They've learned!  :-)

A quick note about that third tile above. A couple folks, seeing those strands that extend from that inner pattern, asked if it was a new tangle. That inner tangle is tripoli. When you extend the negative space away from the center cluster, it becomes a positive space . . . figure and ground suddenly switch. Static was then tangled behind in a hollibaugh fashion.

So . . .

Please tell us how you take a break.

We'll do another give-away of at least one of these tiles to a randomly selected commenter on this blog entry.

Click images for more tea.


Cris said...
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Cris said...

I like taking a break with tea and tangling. I'd like one of those tiles, but I would love the Zentangle tea cub sign. That would be too cute since I'm often seen with both in my hand.

I recently had a "tea-spilling incident." I am careful to not put my tea up on the table where I am working. Instead, I put it on the floor. Next to my sketchbook. And then I kicked it over.

It ended up smearing the whole thing, but then I went back in and added color and tangles over the mess, and now it is one of my favorite pieces of art.

(If you want, you can see it here. )

BarbaraW said...

I am a coffee drinker, so most likely I have a cup of coffee during a break, but I do love the sound of tea and tangling. It sounds really relaxing and refreshing.

Unknown said...

Oh! Another chance for winning a give-away! I'm still hopeful...
I start my day with Earl Grey and I end my day with Yogi Calming Tea. I take a break around eleven in the morning when I go walking with my Corgi for about an hour. I love all kinds of teas and I will paint a tile soon with some tea:)Very cool!

Shelly Beauch said...

Just yesterday I was admiring the colour of my cup of Rosehip tea, it's never to early or to late for a cuppa whether it be black, green or lemon....mmmm time to put the kettle on and add some tea to my tile. Thank You!

Carmen G. Burgos CZT9 said...

We have coffee time. Actually we have two times in the day where coffe is served with a pastry, French bread with butter, or crackers and cheese: at 10 a.m. And at 3: p.m.
good memories to just sit around the table and talk about how the day has gone.... I love sitting at a table and sharing be it tea, coffee, a meal, and now..... Creating a Zentangle tile!

Lois Stokes said...

10:00 AM is the time Earl and I take a moment to connect. We call it our second breakfast. Coffee is our morning choice. Our second break in the afternoon is tea. We have two red garden chairs and in good weather you can find us out in the rain forest among the green tree ferns and red apapane birds.

Earl Stokes said...

Lois forgot to tell you that we also take time each day for our frozen bananas, cacao pudding, almond milk and almond butter... blended and enjoyed with a tropical breeze under a sun blessed sky. Tastes just like a soft chocolate ice cream and good for you too.

Lesley S-G said...

The very first class I taught as a brand new CZT in 2011 included my boss and a woman who has since become my coworker in the department where I work. As often as our schedules will allow, we take a Tangle Break. For about 15-20 minutes we work on tangling that day in our Tangle-a-day calendars. Sometimes I teach a new pattern and sometimes we just do our own thing. We love our "attitude adjustment" times!

Marcia said...

Wouldn't red zinger or mandarin orange make lovely shades? I can't wait to share my tea with my tile on purpose!

Carol Graham said...

That first tangle made me think of Tetley Tea (my favorite 'regular' tea) with it's round bags :o)
I have opened up used tea bags from herbal tea, and tangled on them. They look amazing with the stains from the tea, and the delicate paper is almost transparent. I've added them to art journal pages and love the way they add texture and design, while still allowing the background to show through - and some of them, smell divine!

Tinkered Art said...

Today at break time I enjoyed a nice cup of sassafras tea tomorrow it might be blueberry.

Surely we could use a cranberry wash - yes indeed! A Diva Challenge about a year ago was Purple Haze - didn't have a purple pen or pencil so when I finished the tile I daubed all over it with a fresh blackberry - turned out great.

Sue Clark said...

I am not a coffee drinker, but I love tea. I usually tangle every afternoon and have a tea break around 3:00 with a light snack. I will be saving some in my cup to tangle with soon...love this idea! Thanks for sharing a chance to win more beautiful creations, Maria!

Baetens Jonathan said...

I love tea and coffee, I drink them both! Coffee in the morning and tea in the evening. When I take a break, I usually go out for a walk, just for 5 to 10 minutes, nature is so nice! By the way, LOVE the tiles!

Francie said...

I, too, love tea. My favorite to drink hot is English Breakfast, and, for iced is the Original Good Earth.

I'm enjoying a cup right now as i'm watching it snow here in Tucson, AZ - a very rare thing here! I'm noticing the hollibaugh effect of the bare tree branches just outside my window...so interesting.

Margaret Bremner, Artist said...

Me too is a tea lover! We always take the bag out of the pot when we figure the tea's ready, so I don't end up with strong tea at the end of the pot. However, I'm going to see what I can do with this idea.

And for the caffeine-ists in the room, coffee works too. :)

Aprille said...

I took my very first Zentangle class today and I'm hooked. I've seen it around for awhile and kept feeling drawn to it. Couldn't figure out why but I trusted that it was something I should look into.

I'm a life coach and creative. I love to journal and to sketch. This process brings all my favourite things together simply and wonderfully. And now you've added tea. It just can't get any better than that!

Thank you!

Genevieve said...

My hubby and I used to take a daily break and work on a crossword puzzle together. We haven't done that in a while. Hmmmm....

Anonymous said...

It's coffee in the morning for me and then a switch to tea in the afternoons and anytime in the evening! I can't tell you how many papers end up around my work space with a coffee ring stained on them. Thanks for the memory of tea stained linens! I remember both my mother and grandmother doing that, and hadn't thought about that in years. It brought back happy memories for me!
Kate Ahrens CZT 9

Jason said...

I strum the 'ukulele. Keeping an 'ukulele at my side, I'm convinced that it's impossible to have a bad day. Even when you strum and it sounds like CLINK! or CLUNK!, it's still a pretty happy sound.

And I think it's one of the reasons I really enjoy Zentangle®--no mistakes. And even if a line should happen to wander to a place you hadn't originally intended--it's still a pretty happy line.

Right on.

Vickie Lampron said...

I met a quilt shop owner this week who dyes her fabric for a lot of her quilts. Her favorite to use is tea! A great idea for the tiles...blueberry and raspberry jam...mmmm good tiles!

Jennifer said...

I take a break and knit (with a cup of tea) or tangle (with a cup of tea.
I love both.

Tangle Jam said...

I love a good "cuppa" tea in the afternoon. My mother is a tea drinker also and the ceremony that we share when we drink tea together is so calming and restorative. I will be spending some time with my Mother next week and I look forward to the chats and stories that tea time with Mom always brings.
Your tiles are beautiful Maria, thanks for sharing this wonderful idea. I will definitely bring out a brush or a q tip and try out this "kinda classy paint".

Lori E said...

I admit I'm still learning to take breaks (in mid-life, it's still a struggle). On those rare occasions, it's usually with tea, as i too love the ritual of making it at home. I'm new to Zentangle, and your blog is encouraging me to take breaks more often - thanks!

Teresa said...

I took a break today while my husband was napping and used the quiet time opportunity. I received my Zentangle book yesterday so read and looked for inspiration. I ended up spending a couple of hours happily tangling!

Lorelei Campbell said...

When I take a break, I fix a big mug of tea (mint medley or ginger peach are my current favorites) and read the blogs I have saved to my favorites. I soak in the warmth of the tea, and the inspiration of the artists. Then I doodle in my sketchbook and get back to my projects. Thank you for offering another chance to win one of your lovely tiles. They are amazing.

Unknown said...

My hubby leaves early for work while I have a little sleep in ...when I get up the coffee is still warm so add a spoon of coco and a drop of huckelberry syrup...I read the paper..do the cross word and tangle a tile....love my moring routine!

Gloria said...

Loving the entire concept of TEA, I have been enjoying my cuppa for years. My favorite is Constant Comment decaf with a touch of honey. Sipping that with Sinatra-type music playing quietly in the background is my preferred time-out routine.

Unknown said...

Maria, I love the tea wash...has a very elegant warm tone. Even though I prefer coffee I love the delightful washes that you can accomplish with the different beverages...great stuff...and I love to hear you call Rick "Ricky" it's so cute!!
Sue Olsen

Ronnie said...

Your tiles are beautiful and I'd love to have one. : )

My break is taking my little dog for a walk. She sits patiently by me while I tangle and then gets super excited when I look at her and say, "Let's go for a walk." She jumps from the sofa and twirls in circles. So cute.

Thanks for all you do and share. I love reading your blog.

Mary Ellen said...

Zentangle IS my break, but I always have some tea - any variety of black tea, flavored or plain, is great. I, too, love the color of tea which is why I always use a clear cup to make the tea - I know it's ready when the color is perfect amber.