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Monday, February 25, 2013


In Maria's recent blog post, Tea Time, she described using tea as a tint/color on her Zentangle tiles.

Well, Molly ran with that idea right to her kitchen cabinet, grabbed some tumeric, and created . . .

You can read more about this tile and see some other tumeric tinted creations at this blog entry on Molly's new blog, MollyHollibaugh. Please take a moment to take a look.

We've added her blog to the "Links" section to your right. She joins a steadily growing list of over 60 Zentangle dedicated blog links. When you have a few more moments, pour yourself some tea (perhaps) and spend some time exploring the creativity and personal interpretations of Zentangle art and experience.

In a related aside, Maria writes:
I ran my new random number generator to give away the "Golden Mark of Question" and lo and behold, the winner was:

Molly Hollibaugh! (who if you are not already aware, is our daughter, and also Zentangle's Product Manager.)

So I proceeded to the next name on the list (excluding Molly), and the winner is Geneviève Crabe,  CZT

Congrats, Geneviève . . . it's on its way!
Click image for more spice.


Anonymous said...

this is beautiful and so creative. Great tile!

Genevieve said...