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Monday, March 31, 2014

CBS' Sunday Morning

[Updated April 7 12:12 PM EST with new contributions.]

In this blog we share the entries that people sent to CBS' Sunday Morning program.

You can read about this adventure in this newsletter.

You can either post a link to the art and envelope you sent in the comments below or, you can email an image to rickandmaria@zentangle.com and we'll add it to this blog for all to see.

In a couple weeks, we'll pick one of you at random to receive a thank you gift that we (Rick and Maria) will create for you.

We don't know where this will go, but it's a fun excuse to create some Zentangle art!

Thank you!

This will be fun.

Here are some early samples:

We'll continue to add more and more. Can't wait to see yours!

Mary K:

Barb M.

 Catherine L.

Randall T.

Laurel S. writes:

Dear Mr. Osgood and Friends,

We, myself and many others,  hope you will feature the Zentangle* method of drawing on Sunday Morning. 

I have been a fan of the show since the early days of“On the Road” with that other beloved Charles.  I am nowretired and thoroughly enjoying my experience of tangling.

Discovery of the freedom of creativity unbound has helped me experience “the zone” without suffering the angst most artists and writers must go through to get there.

My family and friends keep saying, “You did this?” Sometimes I even get treated like an artist, aka: with respect.

Happiness floats!  Zentangle* spreads.  Why not help?

and sends . . .

Gotta run for now . . . will keep updating this blog entry. LOT'S more to do!

Chris T.

Susan B.

Jackie H. writes

Last December I bought a Zentangle book and was fascinated by it.  In January this year I saw a Zentangle workshop advertised, and thought it would be a fun so I talked a friend into going with me.
In my need for creativity I have always added my own creative flair in what I have done, searching for the creative aspect of what ever I was doing, to find some fulfillment. Along the way time for artistic creativity fell by the wayside. I thought this workshop might be a good way to get drawing again and open up a little creativity.  Give myself a little meditation and quiet time.
I take time during my lunch hour to draw a little. And it has opened up a creativity that I have not found with any other medium. It is allowing me a whimsical creativity I could only envy before.
I have taken a second workshop and am very interested in becoming a certified Zentangle teacher so I can share this with as many others as possible.  But most of all it seems to provide me with an outlet that satisfies  my soul. I share my work on occasion but this work is for me. I cannot express how satisfying these little 'tiles' are. No rules, no boundaries, absolutely open. Zentangle provides sanity for me in a crazy world.
I would love to see a segment on your show about it. 
Thank you, 


Dorian E.

Barb R.

Carole L.

Looks like we may see how big a Blogger entry can be! The more I do, the more we get. Thank you all so much! OK, back to work.

Elaine G.

Sheryl L.

 Anita M.

Mimi L.

Hi R & M~
Here is my tile and note for the Z blog--ready to mail today. What a great idea! I've been a long-time viewer of 'Sunday Morning'-- recording it each week just in case I miss it. Their stories are presented with a blend of integrity and humor--a perfect venue for the two of you, and by association ALL of us--to shine!
Love you both!


Susan C.

Susan B.

Valerie R.

Christine R.

If you don't get yours mailed today, I'm sure it will still contribute to this effort if it goes out in the next few days, as all will likely not arrive at the same time exactly.

Here's some more beautiful . . . it just keeps coming!

Patti S.

Pat M.



Jane A.

Elaine D.

Adele B.

Elaine B.

Cheryl C.

Louise R.

Janet N.

Sharon M.
This was a fun project. So glad we did this.  I am finding myself learning new ways to do Zentangle.  It never fails me to be inspired. Many thanks to Rick and Maria and all the CZTs that have inspired me. 


Ginny S.


Paula E.

Julie E.

Kimberly B.

Genevieve C.

Jennifer S.

Shiryl W.

Joy T.

Dear CBS Sunday Morning --

There is an incredible experience out there waiting for those who are looking for 
a way to express themselves in art;
a way to learn focus and mindfulness;
a way to relax and find a peaceful experience in chaos;
a way to show how joyful life can be.

That is what I found when I found Zentangle.  It has changed my life through the Seminar that certified me as a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher); through the students to whom I have taught this wonderful technique; and through many lovely fellow Tanglers that share their wisdom, experience and art.

I am so thankful for the Zentangle program that Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas have developed.  It is so much more than mere doodling.  I doodled before Zentangle.  As wonderful as that is, Zentangle is very different.  It is meditative and energizing for me.

I am going to be 82 years old this Saturday, and as a birthday gift to myself I am going to another Zentangle Seminar.  The days with Rick, Maria and their marvelous staff, plus all those eager tanglers who also attend is a truly fabulous four days.  I wish I could take CBS Sunday Morning with me.

Joy T.


Kathy B.

Ann G.

Jane M.

Linda K.

Grace M.


Kathy W.

Jane H.


Here is Sofia's note to CBS. Definitely made me cry. Thank you for giving this gift to my family.  We love you. 

Rebecca L.

Trisha B.

Kelley M.

Judy B.

Carolyn T.

Diane L.

Dear Rick and Maria,

I am loving the long picture story being created on the blog, so here is my letter (text below) and my pictures(attached).

The anticipation is a bit hard to wrestle with... :o)

Diane L., CZT

My letter:

April 1, 2014

Dear CBS Sunday Morning,

Are you looking for something new and exciting for a CBS Sunday Morning?  Something which immediately draws you in with one look, then takes a doubtful turn when described to you and then, finally blows your mind when experienced?  If so, take a look at Zentangle...the rest will follow.  

Almost nothing is what it seems in Zentangle - one paradox after another is revealed.   It is like a journey of puzzles opening one's mind, and eyes, the more one practices this mindful,  easy and remarkable art form. 
Many enthusiasts are joining in this Zentangle blitz to CBS - so I will offer a small piece of the story, a few paradoxes:
  • Zentangle looks complicated, yet one quickly realizes it is simple to do.
  • Zentangle looks like it requires great effort, yet one enjoys the relaxing, meditative effects in the first encounter.
  • Zentangles are drawn in a box (a 3-1/2 inch square paper tile), in order to teach one to draw out of the box.
  • Zentangles are taught with structured steps so students learn to abandon that structure and create their own path and patterns.
As an instructor, what has been most compelling about teaching Zentangle is how it allows students to learn traditional drawing skills in a discovery mode.  While following the step by step approach to drawing Zentangle patterns, difficult concepts like depth, contour, scale, etc. are revealed.  Students repeatedly have moments of revelation, or what I like to call "BAM" (Emeril) moments.   The most common complaint I hear from my students is:     

"All my life, I thought it was beyond my ability to draw like this. 
Now you tell me it only take these few strokes!!"

Personally, Zentangle has removed creative walls I never knew existed.  Since learning Zentangle in 2009,  I have never had so much continuous fun in my life!  I hope you will decide to bring Zentangle to your viewers on a Sunday Morning soon, and introduce the possibilities into their lives as well. 

Happy Tangling!
Diane L., Certified Zentangle Teacher

Jean K.

Tricia F.

Lisa R.

Marta D.

Kimberly C.

Sarah H.

Ana R.

Heidi H.

Paula D.

Kathy M.

Tess I.

Deb T.

Mary Ann S.

Thank you all so much for playing and for appreciating these contributions together with us!

We will randomly select one person who emailed us or linked below to receive this first test print of an original that we recently created. Although it won't be a limited edition, it is numbered "001/many" and is signed and remarked. All who emailed, even though we didn't post your contribution (we ran out of time/room) will be in the group.

Put on some tea, get comfortable and click images above for larger views and links below for more enjoyment.


Catherine Langsdorf said...

This is a great idea! I think your story will make a wonderful segment on the program. You can see what I mailed @ http://alphabeetangles.blogspot.com/
Thanks! Catherine

Diane Lachance, CZT said...

Rick and Maria,
Here is my contribution to the project: http://timetotangle.blogspot.com/2014/03/cbs-sunday-morning-zentangle-blitz.html
It was a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Dear Rick and Maria,
I'm so excited to read your letter to CBS Sunday Morning. Your writing so beautiful. May I know the type of calligraphic pen that you used and size of the nibs that make your writing such beautiful. Thanks for sharing..From: Azzanora, Malaysia

Deena said...

Happy Anniversary, Rick and Maria:
You stayed up late in order to get my letter ready for CBS Sunday morning. I have never posted to your blog so will be sending you my letter separately. I'm looking forward to seeing Zentangle on CBS Sunday morning! What a great idea this is and my fingers are crossed!
Thanks for everything...
Deena Perlstein CZT8

Lois Stokes said...

Whispering Aloha to you Rick and Maria,

You can see my entry here:

If Energy Flows Where Attention Goes ~ I think we will get their attention for sure.

Anonymous said...

Emailed you my letter and tangle. Can't wait to see the CBS story! I'm sure they'll do one with all the letters they get! :-)

Lara Williams said...

I posted my letter and card and tile I sent on my blog here: http://laralina-tangleware.blogspot.com/2014/04/letter-to-cbs-sunday-morning.html

Karen Woodbine said...

I am off to post my card and envelope to the show. What a great idea! Here is a link to my blog showing what I will send:


Zentangle said...

To the person who wanted to know about my pens,

It is an an oblique pen holder with vintage (very old) pointed nib.

I used a walnut ink purchased from


Karen said...

Well you all inspired me, I have my letter ready to post on my way home from work. karen.abramson@att.net

jeanchaneyaz said...

I just wish I could be a fly on the wall when all these beautifully done envelopes and tiles arrive at CBS! My letter and photos are on this specific page of my blog: http://tanglestreet.blogspot.com/2014/03/zentangle-us-on-tv-maybe.html

Jean Chaney, CZT11

Pat Mathes said...

I am emailing my letter and samples to you this morning and have my letter ready to put in the mail. What a wonderful idea and I can't wait to see if CBS responds to all of us!!

Pat Mathes

Unknown said...

Hiya! Up early to catch the post to send my submission in to CBS. Great idea that I am certain will work.
Here's a link to my offering:

Loretta West, CZT 10
Spokane, WA

Nysha said...

What a great idea -- and the perfect opportunity for me to practice my calligraphy for a class I am taking and share this wonderful thing -- ZenTangle!

Sue Jacobs CZT said...

Mine is going in the mail today too. I think it's a great idea! here's my picture on my blog http://suejacobs.blogspot.com/2014/04/cbs-sunday-morning-letters.html

Sue Clark said...

I love the Sunday Mornings News show and thought this was a really fun project! Here's the link to my blog post, feel free to share the pictures and letter.

Georgi said...

I love Zentangle!! I had a good time
creating a classic Zentangle. My tile
and envelope can be seen on my blog at

MomZenArtist said...

I mailed my tile and card along to CBS today. The tile/envelope image is on my blog at http://momzenartist.blogspot.com/2014/04/czt-mail.html. Thanks for inviting us to participate in a fun endeavor. I hope it pans out and brings the joy of Zentangle to many others!

One line from my letter, "This unique art form is truly transformative. My life has changed in so many positive ways thanks to this fun, creative, easy, inspirational process."

Emily Classon, CZT 9
momzenartist (at) gmail.com

Jill G said...

What fun this has been! Thanks to all who thought of this great idea and put the wheels in motion... or is that put the pens to tiles?

I have posted all that I sent to CBS News Sunday Morning and to Rick and Maria here, http://jillztangles.blogspot.com/

Hope you will take a peek—I have LOVED soaking up the beauty of everyone's posts!

Tangle on!
Jill Greenbaum, CZT 13

Cari said...

Here is the link to my blog post where I share my letter to CBS. This was a lot of fun and it's lovely to see all the other wonderful letters and tiles being sent.

In gratitude,
Cari R.

Cari said...

Sorry, forgot to post the link!

Donna Hornsby, CZT said...

My tile is in the mail!!!

Unknown said...

Wonderful day. Everything looks great! Good luck. Elaine CZT 7

cindy b said...

The envelope and card made from Kraft paper is suppose to be Cindy B. (not Susan) I put it in the mail today and the nice man at the postoffice had one pretty butterfly stamp that covered the whole postage cost. He laughed when I asked to put it on myself because I wanted it to be straight. : ) I forgot to take a picture of the letter inside, ooops. Fun project for us all. I hope they take notice! : )

Artbelles said...

This was so fun. We did it with my art group. I don't know how to post a photo a photo on a blog from this device. Sorry. One student decorated her envelope with Bunzo, one did Flux and mine is Purk. We stamped them with Harry Potter stamps. Fun. Annabelle (Artbelles)

janee said...

I mailed out a tile and note this morning to CBS… I'll try to get a picture to you tomorrow.

Jo said...

I am 83 and a Johnny-come-lately to Zentangling, so "posting to a blog" and "HTML" mean nothing to me! I am snail-mailing y'all copies of what I sent CBS. Will you let us know what date the show will air? I am in church at that time and will get my son to tape it.

Grace said...

My note was simple: Zentangle is wonderful and has changed my life.

My image can be found here.

Jane said...

Everyone's tiles and envelopes are so beautiful. They are going to be overwhelmed when they receive all these heartfelt letters and stunning Zentangle tiles! Jane

Adele Bruno said...

Wouldn't you love to be on the receiving end of all of this loveliness?...but then again, as tanglers, we already are - aren't we?! Thank you Rick and Maria.

Link to my post:

Karen said...

Hi you guys! I just finished my blogpost on your wonderful challenge and I'm headed to the mailbox with my gift to CBS News.


Let me know what you need for photos on your blog post here!

Sandz said...

These are absolutely phenomenal!! I hope mine looks ok....

Jean Theurkauf said...

Fingers Crossed! Here's my contribution:

Tricia, CZT said...

I am in awe at the letters, envelopes and tangles created by this group and posted on this Zentangle blog. Such a great project! The "letter opener" ay Box O is going to have a blast opening all these treasures!

Tricia, CZT said...

.......oops.....forgot to say, letter/envelope/tangles found here: http://tanglewithme-tricialee.blogspot.com

Bette Abdu said...

oops... forgot to post on this blog with the link to my CBS tangle, letter, envelope - but I did get it in the mail on April 1st. Hope we get some positive news from Mr. Osgood.

Sara said...

I'm sad to say that although I did send CBS my letter, tile and decorated envelope, I had the SD card in my camera in backwards and lost that picture along with many more from the class that I taught just before I sent it off. So you can safely count my letter in your total, but unless CBS chooses to show my card on TV it will never be seen again. I hope that we have been successful in bringing Zentangle to the attention of Mr. O and CBS and that they decide to plan a feature around an interview of both of you. Congratulations on 10 glorious years!
Sara M., CZT12

Beverly said...

I loved seeing so many variations and individualities in all of these Zentangle envelopes and letters. So cool!

Deborah Lee said...

It is so awesome to see all these beautiful creations! What a wonderful feeling you two must have to have touched some many lives with your artistry. I know you have touched mine. Thanks for all you do!!

Andrea said...

I hope CBS responds positively. I love the show and would be excited to see a piece about Zentangles. Good luck. I'd also love to win the piece you're giving away. Thanks.

LouAnn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LouAnn said...

I love CBS Sunday morning I tape it every week so I can watch it when I come home from church. I would love to see a show that would elaborate on Zentangle because it is so exciting and frees up the mine to be creative. I am a Gourd Artist and I Zentangle on my Gourds. Good luck I hope this and all of the letters will get to the person responsible to make this happen.

Melanye Narcarti said...

I just have a feeling that this story will make its way onto CBS Sunday Morning. Please keep us posted, and let us know when it will air. I love you guys, and I surely love Zentangle! Currently working on "twinchies" for a Zentangle swap that I joined on FB. Have a good evening!

Carole Ohl said...

I am constantly amazed at the overwhelming beauty and community of Zentangle. Love love love

Kelley Kelly said...

So very beautiful... The heartfelt emotions even more so than the stunning images. You can't read my letter in the picture but it was quite short and said, essentially: Zentangle changed my life at a time when things were darn awful.

Thank you so much for sharing all of this beauty and, indeed, Zentangle itself with us.

<3 K2

Dusty said...

Wow, so many beautiful tangles sent to CBS. How could they NOT do an a story about Rick & Maria's Zentangle® art form.

Mine can be seen on my blog: http://e-z-art.com/cbs-sunday-morning-show/


Lana said...

I'm sooooo Sadddddd! I am the primary caregiver for my 93 year old aunt. I just checked her in to Rehab after a 17 day stay in the hospital.
I just opened up my email today and read about CBS cards and letter campaign. I would have if I could have!! Just know Rick and Maria that I wish the very best for you and that I hope your "baby" gets on National TV! Zentangle is my life line to sanity! When the sundowners kicks in about 3:00pm each day it takes all the patience I have to deal with the thousand comments my aunt makes about packing her bag and finding her car keys and going home. When all get quite at night, I get out my box set and take out a tile mumbling under my breath. By the time I have finished the tile all my troubles and high blood pressure have just melted away and I am in a far better state of mind as I drift away to dreamland. Love, Lana Daniel,CZT 13

Unknown said...

Loved the idea, and hope that it works! Even though I was out of town/country on the 1st, I had a neighbor send it out for me. :) My contribution can be seen here.


Good luck, and all the best, Kate Ahrens CZT IX

robinpichelmayerarts said...

I wasn't able to send in a tile or letter but praying CBS news has someone with a brain and can see this will make an awesome story. Please keep us posted!!

Anonymous said...

This was fun. I wish I could see the looks on everyone's faces over there. Here's my contribution:


Diana Hirsch, CZT6

the mixie pixie said...

I am too late for the contest bcuz I am so UNsavvy on how to do this stuff, but I want you to see that I did it! I mailed in a square dvd envelope w/round cellophane window. Thought that worked out cool. Here is my post: http://moonbeamsfishflakes.blogspot.com/2014/04/huge-awesome-news-ive-been-chosen-plus.html

Anonymous said...

Late to this party as I have only just begun but I wanted to comment here... As a long time follower of CBS Sunday Morning this is the perfect segment for them! After viewing all these submissions I'll be amazed if you aren't contacted soon. Well done to all.

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