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Thursday, April 17, 2014


This morning, still chilly enough that yesterday's snow remained unmelted in the shadows, we were delighted to find in our front yard . . .

Perhaps they inspired these mushrooms to grow nearby in the slowly softening soil:

Carefully collecting these, along with a fresh daffodil . . .

We brought them inside to appreciate each one . . .

. . . as we enjoy this change of seasons.


Materials used:
  • Blown out chicken eggs, wooden eggs, papier-mâché eggs
  • Sakura® Micron® pen
  • Sakura® IDenti®-pen
  • Graphite pencil
  • Mod Podge® varnish
  • Eggs: Molly Hollibaugh
  • Mushrooms: Maria Thomas
  • Let your ink dry before you touch it.


And the winner of our CBS Sunday Morning Show mail-in is . . .

Jean Theurkauf

Congratulations, Jean!

We'll be sending you this gratitude prize shortly.

Thank you to all who played along! If you haven't already, take a look at this blog entry to appreciate the wonderful contributions and creativity.

Click images for larger views and take a look outside some early morning. You never know what surprises you'll see!


the mixie pixie said...

Congrats to Jean! My entry was late, but I hope y'all will pop in to see it, and look at my previous zentangle posts, and also see my news about getting published in a Zentangle book!!! I'm pretty new at this, but am such an enthusiast I decided I deserve a title so I have dubbed myself a "tangle wrangler"! -lol. I invite anyone to do the same!

the mixie pixie said...

I meant to say about the eggs, they are so Gorgeous that and now I must run and make some myself!

Unknown said...

Lovely Eggs! So fun. I am glad that you have a bit of green... just got hit in MN, with one of those late snows.... everything is back to white (depending on the line in the sand/snow) till it melts in the next day, or two, or three. It's the, stick around and the weather will change time! :) Any news on CBS?

Kate Ahrens CZT IX

Unknown said...

Love the beautiful tangled eggs and the mushrooms are so cute!!!
I have a few I have tangled. I have been decorating blown out eggs for several years now. If you don't want to deal with real egg shells there is a new option walmart has dyeable plastic eggs that seem to take paint and ink the same way as the real ones. Great thing is they have about the same weight so you can hang them a little easier than wooden ones., and so far I haven't broken any when I drop them which is great cause there is nothing worse than getting one almost done then breaking it.

Chrystel said...

Love these eggs! I have hundreds of egg shaped gourds from three plants in last year's garden. These will serve as inspiration for decorating.

Unknown said...

Oh my Molly, the eggs are fabulous. And Maria, those mushrooms would look beautiful in a shadow box or birdcage kind of floral display. Just when it seems it can't get any better, you do something like this. Just beautiful.

Adele Bruno said...

Love, Love, Love the eggs and mushrooms!
Happy Easter!

Margaret Marion said...

Gorgeous eggs. Wonderful idea.

Greetings, Margaret Marion