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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thank you!

To our wonderfully passionate artists, our sincere gratitude.

We savored reading all the comments on our "10 Years . . . Wow!" blog post. Over this past week, we read them aloud to each other . . . sometimes at the end of a busy day outside on our front yard . . . sometimes as our day began over a cup of coffee. What a heart-touching treasure. We are so grateful.

When we ran our random number generator, there were 447 posts from which to choose!

So, the first 10 names who get a print of our new

"Anything Is Possible One Stroke at A Time" signed print are:
  • Karen Silvester (430)
  • Beth Brooks (388)
  • Marcia Campbell (260)
  • Alisha Christian (293)
  • David Nelson (145)
  • Jeannie (334) 
  • Dorian (161)
  • Ashley (143)
  • Tracey (60)
  • Merlady (216)
However, with 447 comments we couldn't just do one group of ten. So we had to pick 10 more names.  This second group of ten will get a "Zentangle Keepsake Box" with some Zentangle ATC tiles inside.
  • Courtney (339)
  • Carmen Burgos (199)
  • Pat Floerke (419)
  • Betsy Smith (184)
  • Staci (46)
  • Lynnita Knoch (64)
  • Lisa Osborne (266)
  • Katie C. (337)
  • Linda H. (432)
  • "ibjpski" (99)
If you are on this list, please email your mailing address to info@zentangle.com. Please put "Zenth Giveaway" in the subject line so we can find it more easily.

Again, thank you. Thank you. And, thank you.

We love you all and look forward to the next ten years being way more exciting than the last. Is that even possible???

Well,  you know what they say,  "Anything is possible . . . ."


Rick and Maria


Sunray said...

Congratulations to all winners and happy tangling to everyone :)

lilystangles said...

Congratulations and happy tangling to everyone :)

Ellen said...

You are so generous! Congratulations to all the winners. And i think all 447 are a winner, because we all know about Zentangle. Ellen xoxo

Sheryl said...

20 Winners! Congrats and have a happy day. I agree with Ellen, we are all blessed.

Mosaic Magpie said...

Congratulations to the lucky winners.....but really we are all winners! Thank you!

Unknown said...

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