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Saturday, December 3, 2016

On the first day of 3Zs . . .

It's back . . . for a third year . . .
. . . our Zentangle "12 days" series!

We have used this traditional holiday song as a fun way to explore and create some inventive, beautiful and festive Zentangle-inspired creations.

If you missed the previous two series, feel free to check out, "The 12 days of Christmas with ATCs" and "The 12 days of Christmas with Bijou" in our archives.

This year our series, "The 12 days of 3Zs" celebrates the fun new three-sided tiles we are so excited to explore with you all.

This year we'll work with twelve different tangles as we tangle our way through these twelve days of posts. We have set ourselves up with a quite challenge. And if you're up for it, we invite you join us or, just sit back and watch. It's gonna be fun!

For twelve days we will focus on one tangle a day. Each day we will create a tile using that day's tangle plus any of the tangles we used on previous days – just how the song works! Once we get started, you'll get the idea.

Here are the details:
  • We will create as many tiles as the number of the day we are on. For instance one tile on day one and two tiles on day two, etc. But if you are tangling along with us, one tile per day is just fine. (We have more than one tangler here!) 
  • We will supply a step-out for the tangle of the day. That day's tile must feature that tangle. It can also include tangles from any of the previous days, but it does not have to. 
  • We will limit ourselves to only the tangles mentioned. 
  • We will only use our Pre-strung 3Z tiles, but you can easily use any tile or surface that you have available to you. 
  • We will limit ourselves to a black pen, graphite pencil, and white charcoal pencil with one exception . . . for day five's tangle, we will use a brown Micron and a gold gel pen.
  • We will post our creations here and also on our Zentangle Mosaic App with corresponding hashtags. We encourage you to post yours, so we all can see the amazing tiles you create.*
  • We will give away prizes . . . YAY! After each day we will award 2 prizes. We will draw one name at random from all the comments here on the blog and one name at random from all the tiles posted to the app using the  hashtag of that day. 
  • We will announce the winners shortly after the twelve days on the blog and on the app.
  • There will be some fun surprises with this series, so stay with us. 
So, from the Z-crew at Zentangle HQ . . . and Bijou, too, here we go – the "12 days of 3Zs" is about the begin!

On the first day of 3Zs
Bijou gave to me
A tile full of tripoli.

Each winner will receive a box of 3Z Pre-Strung Tiles and a 3Z Multi Pack!

We look forward to seeing what you create and reading your comments as we have fun sharing together over these next few days.
Today's hashtag: #1stdayof3zs

See you tomorrow!

* You can download the Zentangle Mosaic app for free. There is no charge to look at the images or to search for tangles, artists or hashtags. Other functions such as posting a tile or leaving a comment requires a subscription. Zentangle Mosaic is available in Google Playstore for Android smartphones and in iTunes for iPhone and iPad.


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Trish Pelletier Czt said...

Oops! When I posted my comment (#200) I forgot to fill in my name so it posted as Anonymous.

janee said...

Oh what fun! Now I'm just waiting for my shipment of 3's (should be tomorrow!). I'm be joining you soon!

Linda B said...

My first blog post! This blog is wonderful and I love the Z3 12 days

MomZenArtist said...

What a fun idea! I'm loving the new 3Z tiles too!

Diane Trew said...

I love your new triangle tiles. You are ever innovative.

Lori Wilson said...

I just got the information today and it is the 10th. Feeling super bummed cause I would have liked to join the fun, but I guess it's a little pointless now!! Also would have loved to win some of the prizes as my tight budget limits me from a lot of the fun stuff. Merry Christmas to you all and may JESUS be the center of you holiday!!!
Lori Wilson

Natasha Dash CZT said...

I'm a little late in joining but I love the idea and can't wait to catch up! I just began my tangling journey in January 2016 and it has been an amazing year of tangling. I love it so much, I am attending CZT #26! Can't wait!

SunWomanPotter said...

Hi! I just did my first Tangle and it was so much fun! Can't wait to do more. :-)

JORN said...

Thank you for the inspiration!

gobarb26 said...

I didn't know where to leave a comment so I thought I would start here. This is such a great idea!

Unknown said...

So many fun variations for this one.

Tony M. said...

Good post.

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