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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Great Article

Christine Britos, CZT [website] [email] had a great two page article in the Union Leader's New Hampshire Sunday News Style Section, February 20, 2011. More info here.

Congratulations, Christine!

I had originally planned to post some pictures from last night's CZT training reception at our home/studio/gallery. Maria's sister, Rachel, had decorated the snow piles along the front walk and driveway with strings of tiny white lights, spotlight on the angel above our door and winter greens in flower pots. She put sand in about 50 cut out paper bags with a lit tea candle in each one and placed these around the walk and entry way.

It was beautiful!

I was planning to take a picture.

In fact, I was planning to take lots of pictures. But as soon as people arrived and conversations began, I forgot all about taking pictures. We had such a wonderful time meeting new people and getting to know them, that you'll just have to use your imagination.

We will get some pictures at class today!



Diane Lachance said...

Hey Christine,

Congratulations again on the article in the NH Sunday News. I just wanted to add that I met someone at a blood drive yesterday and we got talking. She saw your article and was so excited about Zentangle. She told me everything, in detail, that she had learned from the article. It was amazing to just sit and listen to her excitement.

Diane Lachance, CZT #2 (NH)

PS Welcome to the upcoming CZT's in training! Have a great time.

Terri said...

Sounds like a page out of my diary!

ptrish40 said...

Sounds beautiful! All the best to all of you during the CZT training! I still smile everytime I think about my experiences in Whitinsville this past October.

Christine Britos said...

Thank you everyone for all the wonderful feedback! I appreciate all the support and encouragement as I begin my new career as a Life/Retreat Coach and Expressive Arts Facilitator. Zentangle has played a huge roll in my business and all the CZTs, Rick and Maria have all contributed their knowledge and incredible creativity to my beginning success. I am very pleased with the article and was happy to see the author research Zentangle and touch base with other CZTs as well. Here is a direct link to the full article. http://www.expressivecoach.com/retreats/news-and-posts

Enjoy and thank you again!

Christine Britos, NH CZT #4

Bette Abdu said...

Bravo! Christine didn't tell you that her son is an amazing tangler too. His work is stunning.
I really liked the picture of you laughing -- shows just how much fun we have with Zentangle too.

Cris said...

It was beautiful. Thank you for opening up your home and studio to us. It was so inspiring. I'll never forget it.