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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Like a Fine Wine

We learned from Sakura® that the best way to store your Pigma™ pens is horizontally . . .

. . . like a fine wine.

(And we thought the only reason you see them horizontally on store shelves was so you could read the tops.)

If you have any questions about these pens, ask them here and we'll get an answer for you.

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Sakura of America said...
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Dean C. Stinson said...

I noticed in using my pens, that sometimes it feels as if the ink is dried up. In fact I almost threw away 3 08's because I thought I had used them all up, but then I thought, what if I pushed really hard sideways on the tip by pressing it into scratch paper at an angle...it worked, all of a sudden ink flowed everywhere. Problem....leaks now!?

Any solutions to a dried up tip?

Zentangle said...

Dean, I've been known to open up my pen and turn the inner foam cylinder around. -Rick

melody said...

I think I must have pressed on my 01 pens because they quit working right away. is there a way to buy replacement tips?