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Monday, June 7, 2010

Zentangle High (School) Fashion

Teacher, "KC" writes:
Our school here in Texas had 2 flex weeks at the end of the year for a summer school and this year we offered elective classes. I did the art elective and chose to do your Zentangle technique. The students did a few practice tiles and then did their tangles on a shirt. I have sent along photos of both my AM and PM classes so you can see what they produced. They were so proud of their accomplishments especially since many of the students had not had art before this.

I blurred the faces for privacy issues so that you might be able to post them online.

How cool is that! Thank you KC. And congratulations to all on your awesome t-shirt creations!

Click images for larger view


Carole Ohl said...

Wow. What a fun idea: Zentangle Art-to-wear! Did they use Microns or a fabric marker?

Angie said...

Love what the students did with their shirts! What type of pen was used, and were the shirts backed with anything to stabilize the fabric while drawing on it? I would think the T-shirting fabric would move around a lot, so just wondering. Thanks for sharing this---neat idea!

Zentangle said...

KC emailed us her process:

"We ironed freezed on the inside of the shirts (shiny side against cloth) to stabilize the material, used sharpie ultra-fine to do the drawings and then removed the paper to iron once again to heat set the ink."

- Rick

Vicki G. said...

These shirts are beautiful! KC and his/her students did a wonderful job. I am amazed at the many ways I have seen Zentangles translated into other art forms.

Anonymous said...

That was white freezer paper and Sharpie ultra fine.
Kathi C