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Thursday, June 17, 2010


We all know that you can easily choose what the front of a mirror reflects.

But did you know you can also change what the back of a mirror reflects?

Before Maria added that Zentangle, all you noticed was this burn mark.

But now it reflects something entirely different.

Materials used:
  • Antique mirror with burn mark from cigarette or curling iron
  • Sakura® Pigma™ Micron pen
  • Several coats of polyurethane
Click images for larger view


ooglebloops said...

That is beautiful! I have been tempted to try that, but was afraid that I would smear the design if I put a protective coating/sealer over it. Yours turned out very well!!!

Anonymous said...

It seems if you use a permanent marker you wouldn't have a smear. I draw on wood and coat it with clear polyurethane.

grbev said...

Thank you for posting so many beautiful things (and so often!). Your site is really inspirational.

From Utah, Bev

ooglebloops said...

I just finished my own hand mirror, and posted a pic on my blog. Just have to pick up some polyurethane tomorrow to seal it. Drop in on my blog if you get a chance! Thanks for the inspiration!!!