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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Lighting Our Tree

In our 12th Day of Christmas blog we "lit" our Christmas tree. We told you we'd tell you how we did it in our next blog.

Here is a view of three Christmas trees Maria tangled on Zentangle Zendala tiles:

Here they are lit:

We accomplished all this by tangling them with Sakura® Gelly Roll® Moonlight® pens. Certain colors of these pens fluoresce under a UV light.

For instance, here is a view with a UV flashlight turned off:

And here is that same view with the UV flashlight turned on:

We discovered another neat aspect of UV light as we were playing around. If you use a regular white Gelly Roll pen on an original white Zentangle tile, you can't easily see it in regular light.

But when you illuminate it with a UV light you can see the "secret" message!

In this case:

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
Seasons' Greetings
Happy Holidays

and two of our year-round favorite words:

Passion & Gratitude

Such fun!

Check out the newsletter associated with this blog post for a list of the prize winners of our 12 Days of Christmas blog series.

All of us here wish you and yours a wonder-full year in 2014!

Click images for larger views.


Judith said...

Positively magical. wondering what you and Sakura will dream up in 2014. I will definitely stay tuned.

Holiday Blessings to you both and to y'all's family(that's Texas talk)

JR Shamp

Unknown said...

Those are marvelous! I wish all you Tanglers a Very Merry Christmas. I'm sure Maria and Rick will fill 2014 with more amazing Tangles.
J Gucker - CZT-13

Unknown said...

Have enjoyed getting to see your twelve days of Christmas! Can't wait to see what new tangles this New Year will bring! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

ElizabethCan2Tangle said...

I love your 'Tis The Season "card." Thank you both for sending out such warm, delightful energy and inspiring, playful art. Blessings and Love to you, and your wonderful family of co-workers. May everyone's downtime,be FUN, Restorative & UPlifting. Elizabeth

Unknown said...

I have so enjoyed your 12 Christmas Tangles series! Could hardly wait from day to day to see what you two had come up with.
Merry Christmas to you both and your family, and wishing you all health, happiness and heaps of creativity in 2014 and again and again, THANK YOU for sharing this art with us all.

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year to you both! My Thanks, for a great year of watching what you create!

Mosaic Magpie said...

What a happy girl I am today after reading the newsletter!!!
Thank You!

Sara said...

Your 12 Days of Christmas were just wonderful. Every day I looked forward to seeing what you had posted. All of you are so clever! The "lit" Christmas trees are very fun. Now that I have a few minutes to breathe, I think that I'll play with making some of those! Thank you so much for all that you do!
Sara McGregor, CZT12

Unknown said...

These are crazy wonderful. Im so glad I found your wonderful site.