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Thursday, April 22, 2010

How High?

We'll find out!

We were playing on our kitchen table to see how high we could build a Zentangle tile tower, but that table's surface was too smooth.

Out came one of Maria's earlier desk blotters. Its suede matting has a nice "tooth." Looks like this will be a good foundation to build on.

Here's a closer look at that blotter:

Click images for larger view


Rose said...

Gorgeous!!! Have you ever thought of marketing a Zentangle deck of cards?? That would be awesome! (I get 50% of the profits!) :) Just kidding, but that would be fun! My kids make card houses all the time with special cards :)

Carole Ohl said...

love that blotter!

Unknown said...

Love the blotter too!

fergyles@hotmail.com said...

I am so curious on what medium was used to highlight in white. It is soft looking and not like the hard edge of ink but remains glossy. Does anyone know? And I think they are soooo beautiful. I just keep coming back to the website to view them.

Zentangle said...

Hi, fergyles...............the white is a chalk pencil, with a pretty sharp tip as it gets dull quickly. A "Berol" pencil would probably do as well. It's a fun exercise to add the white, when using a tinted surface..... you feel very "da vinci-esque".......m