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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Two Tiles

Last night Maria and I each did a Zentangle. It's interesting what we both did with that large semi-circle string. We hadn't seen each other's either. Even more fascinating (at least to me!) is that my tile's string came from a misprinted Ensemble set.

I wanted to use just one tangle, but ended up using Cresent Moon as a "primary color" mixed with Hollibaugh, Strircles, Shattuck and Meer.

Click images for larger view

We added a comment to our vocabulary discussion here.


Carole Ohl said...

wow. great minds DO think alike. I especially like the 'cut' circles.

Rose said...

When I look at your tiles, Rick, and then Maria's.. I can definitely tell who did them. Rick, you are more straight lines and angles, probably more even keeled and organized, whereas Maria gives more of a whimsical interpretation, more emotional and loose without really being conscious of what she is doing. I see a planner in Rick, and a daydreamer in Maria! I love them both!!!

Tricia, CZT said...

More great tangles.... Thank you.

I was re-reading your post and pics of the "stareway" in your home with all the beautifully framed zentangle works of art... and I have a question: Do you create your tangle the actual size of the framed work or do you tangle on a 3.5" square tile, then have it enlarged to frame???


Zentangle said...


Everything is an original, no prints or enlargements. Some of the larger ones are done with a size 1 pigma pen.

- Rick