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Saturday, April 10, 2010


We recently received this great email from "S" describing her exploration of our Paradox tangle.

Hi Rick and Maria,

I can't thank you enough for Zentangle - still pretty new to this but having a ball. Just wanted to pass along a recent creation. One of the things I appreciate about Zentangle is that there are no mistakes - it's a mantra I've learned to use in a few other artistic endeavors. A few years ago the instructor in a basket weaving class said basically the same thing - there are no mistakes - all you have done is provided yourself with another creative opportunity. I always like that one! Some days and on some projects I've found myself wishing I were not so generous to myself with the number of those "opportunities" I was creating but it all works out in the end.

That little blurb above is why I decided to send along this photo - I was really struggling with the Paradox tangle - loved them from the start but was not having much success in creating them. Appreciate your continued explanations in the newsletter and blog - reading and reading them something finally clicked. I definitively saw improvement.

Back to the photo - I started out with the paradox but shortly into it I lost the zone for a moment and messed up the spacing so I had this larger gap - drat!!! What to do - not sure when/how the idea came to me but decided to just incorporate that into the rest of the design. I completed the paradox part with the odd spacing and then just put it aside. A few days later I picked it up - still a bit frustrated but then started filling in the rest of the string. It's now one of my favorites and I'm looking to experiment more with divided paradox designs.

Sorry to rattle on - thanks again.

Very cool story and great example of a Zentangle journey to a wonderful creation. Congratulations!


Carole Ohl said...

Fun. Thanks for sharing. The story is a great example of moving forward...

Rose said...

I love S's Zentangle.. wow.. great work!

Genevieve said...

I too have been fascinated with Paradox. This one is beautiful!

I know the true Zentangles are black & white, but I can't resist colourizing some of them. Here's an example...

Anonymous said...

I love this Zentangle ~ thank you so much for the new approach and for sharing! Please continue to make new opportunities!!!