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Monday, April 5, 2010

Oklahoma Zentangle Fans

This morning Maria was surfing through our links on our blog and started reading what Vicki Murray, CZT, wrote on her Oklahoma Zentangle Fans blog:
Why do I create Zentangles and Zentangle-inspired art? First, it's fun! I find it is very relaxing and since I began to draw in the Zentangle style, I do not have to use blood pressure medications and my blood pressure has been good through some very stressful times!

Do you have any Zentangle stories to share? We'd love to read them.

If you're new to this blog, there is an amazing amount of beautiful Zentangle creations to appreciate behind those links. Check them out!

Here are a vew samples from Vicki's blog:

Thank you, Vicki!


Rose said...

Vicki's Zentangles are all so beautiful. Love the first one, like a window into another world. Wow... lovely. I don't have an exciting story to tell but will definitely agree to it reducing stress! :) Great work, Vicki!

revbyrd said...

Thanks for sharing. I do see a number of designs that I am not familiar with, and some that are variations on ones I know.
Wonderful works of art!

kass said...

they really are spectacular! That said, I don't think I have seen a Zentangle that hasn't captured my imagination yet!