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Friday, October 22, 2010

Pink Shoes

"V" from Florida writes,
Hi Maria and Rick:

These pink sneakers have been in my closet for at least three years. The stars must have been in alignment one evening while working on Zentangles when the thought occurred to do them on these sneakers. One thing, or one tangle, led to the other and before I knew it they were headed to the IAMPETH conference.

A big thank you for the inspiration I received from your newsletters and other contributors. Zentangle is a beautiful art form.

Thanks for sending those pix, V!

A bit of trivia . . . IAMPETH stands for International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting and it was to this group that we taught our first public Zentangle class in the summer of 2004 in Providence, RI.

Click images for larger view.


Heather said...

Beautiful shoes!! I was in the room when Zentangles were unveiled in 2004 at the Iampeth conference! I remember how exciting it was and how quiet the room was when Maria walked us through our first Zentangle. Still have the handout sheet you gave us!!

Anonymous said...

These are pretty "Nifty" shoes. I bet they are eye catchers when you wear them.Love the pink.

Kwiltsfl said...

Beautiful shoes! What kind of pen was used to draw on them?

Cookie said...

These the cutes tennis shoes. Love 'em!