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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Welcome Times Two

Welcome #1
We're happy to welcome Margaret Bremner, CZT, and her new blog, Enthusiastic Artist to our links section. Margaret, from Saskatchewan, Canada, is an accomplished illustrator who creates beautiful Zentangle inspired art and teaches Zentangle workshops. Here's a sample.

In her first blog entry, Margaret describes an all-day Zentangle workshop she had scheduled to teach with Laura Harms, CZT who is also from Saskatchewan and writes the I am the Diva blog linked here as well. Here's one of Laura's Zentangle creations we've shared before.

However, Laura did not attend the all-day Zentangle workshop with Margaret because early that morning someone else had other plans.

Welcome #2
We are thrilled to welcome and announce the arrival of Little Ozzie to the Harms family and to his larger Zentangle family. Congratulations Laura and welcome to this amazing world, Ozzie!

Click images for larger views.

1 comment:

kass said...

isn't it a great story!! Welcome Ozzie!