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Friday, March 5, 2010

Anything is possible . . .

one stroke 
at a time

When we give a Zentangle workshop, we begin by showing Zentangles that other people have created. Usually we'll hear, "No way we can do that!" particularly in schools.

Pretty soon though, everyone has done exactly what they said they knew they couldn't do.

Then we ask, "What else do you know that you can't do?"

It's always a great "aha" moment and it happens in every Zentangle workshop. (We particularly enjoy working with people who "know" they aren't artists.) This insight is such a part of what Zentangle is all about that we made it our tagline.

We just added a link on this blog to our list of Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZT). If you haven't expereinced a Zentangle workshop yet, we encourage you to contact a CZT near you and experience one.

P.S. What else do you know that you can't do?


Rose said...

Just a quick question, and I know, Rick, I have asked this many times over the last year or so.. but is there anything in the works for a book or small spiral booklet to come out with many of the new tangles that have been in the newsletters in the last couple of years? I would love to see them all in one place than to have to search for them in newsletters... it would e a great visual to have them either laminated on a card (back and front even) or in a small spiral book so that they can be referred to over and over again without having to remember so much. I know there are blogs all over the place with new tangles, but would love to have the basics that you have and maybe some of the new CZT teachers' tangles in the book. Just a thought... and a question :)

kshabowski said...

Please, please, please tell me that there is someone signed up to take your next CZT Workshop that is located near Chicago...I'd give just about anything to get there to take it myself but a CZT nearby might tide me over until I can get there in person.



Rose said...

Just learned from Sandy (www.beezinthebelfry.blogspot.com) that her NEW BOOK on Zengangling will be coming out in May. CONGRATULATIONS Sandy! Just as I am looking for new inspiration, you tell me your book is done. Wow.. what timing. I totally am so grateful for all the work you've done. You'll have lots of fans now! :) The best, Rose

Carole Ohl said...

I love your idea Rose.

Rose said...


Looks like Sandra beat me to it... if you check out her website (www.beezinthebelfry.blogspot.com), you'll be so excited to know that the book is in it's finishing stages... and should be out by May. Yes! :)

Carole Ohl said...

Thanks Rose. That is something I am looking forward to!