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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good Tangle Hunting

We were in Stowe, Vermont recently and saw this carpet:

"That would make an awesome tangle!" So we grabbed our camera and quick took a picture. Later Maria did a rough sketch where we were eating as she didn't have her "Field Notes" book with her.

What to name it? How about "stoic"? (Stowe - stoic, we have fun with this!)

I played with it this morning. I like it as I tend to be "drawn" to straight lines and look forward to playing with it some more. Maria likes "curvy." Not to get too stereotypical about male/female archetypes, but it does play to our line of, "I'm zen, she's tangle."

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This is another of many patterns that begins with a grid. It's neat because it looks woven without trying to weave it which we don't do in Zentangle - too much left brain work for that.

We'll break this down in steps in one of our future newsletters.


Tinkered Art said...

I like it! Appreciated your comment about being "drawn" to straight lines - I'm the same way and was beginning to question my ability to create tiles since I rarely add the "curvy" tangles. Off to try Stoic somewhere

Shelly Beauch said...

Great to see your art Rick, it's very inspiring and the name Stoic suits the tangle very well. Sometimes life takes us straight down the highway for awhile before we come to a curve, so appropriate! I hope everyone enjoys a very safe Easter.

kass hall said...

Just to undo your theory Rick - I'm female and I go for straight lines too!!