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Monday, March 15, 2010

Zentangle Any(Every!)where

We have Zentangles drawn all over our home. Here's one "tucked" behind a lightswitch. Maria will trace a tile and then create a Zentangle -- in this case, using our regular pencil and Pigma 01 pen.

These pictures are taken in our front hall where we stack our outgoing packages. Oh, and that hand? It's a bird feeder meant to be nailed to a tree. That's where we put chocolate for our UPS driver!

(click images for larger view)


Jane said...

I LOVE IT, you guys are so creative, what a great gift to find zentangles around the house, even if its one you forgot you did.(especially when its one you forgot you did) And the bird feeder hand, that is great. You guys are really sweet (no pun intended) what a great way to show you appreciate the people in your day to day life, and I'm sure they get a good chuckle too. Keep up the great posts. ♥♥

Zentangle said...

thanks Jane, we love our UPS man. He reminds me of "Speedy Delivery" on Mr Rogers. We have so many really nice people we work with . I am grateful for each one that walks through the door....because our work depends on every one of them. maria