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Monday, May 10, 2010

Great . . .

. . . Idea
"D" writes,
Had to share something very exciting for me. I needed a gift for a friend who just bought a new house. She is totally intrigued with my work, so I made a Zentagle just for her and sealed it between two pieces of glass (I did stained glass work years ago). Attached is a pic of my result. I hope you enjoy!

Thank you for sending that, D!

. . . Minds
As they say, great minds think alike. For those of you who aren't stainglass workers, Maria designed a frame that you can slip your Zentangle tile into. They are made nearby and you can see the various choices here.

We have single ones . . .

. . . that can hang or sit on a little glass easel.

We also have different formats. Here's a hinged three panel. I keep this one on my desk. It has a Zentangle that Nick did on one side, one that Molly did on the other side and one they both did in the middle.

. . . Size!
However "HW" would need something else to frame a 3 x 6 foot (!) Zentangle. HW writes:
Posted this on Facebook and got a big response so I gave everyone your web address. Thank you for teaching so many people that they don't have to be an "artist" to do these!

Thanks HW!
Click images for larger view


DreamSlave said...

I saw that great big Zentangle on Flickr and had to remind myself to close my mouth.... (It was hanging open in awe!)

Heinani said...

Big Zens, Little Zens
Amazing how many Zentangles there are and ways to display them. Beautiful Frames are portals inviting you to step into the realms of your imagination.

Donna Hornsby said...

WOW. I am humbled. Thank you for sharing my "Zentangle in Glass" with your readers. That great big Zentangle is amazing!