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Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Display

Here are a few more images to give you an idea of the amazing, beautiful and varied Zentangle inspired creations that people displayed in the lobby at our recent CZT seminar.


Click images for larger view


Anonymous said...

Thank you Rick and Maria for sharing pictures of the new CZT's work. I remember the table and wall displays we had at our training ~ it was so inspirational.
Beautiful work everyone ~ thank you too for sharing!

Anonymous said...

How cool - R & M did you ever in your wildest dreams imagine where this would go when you launched it - Then again maybe you did which is pretty cool as well. We all all owe you a thanks. Hope to attend a seminar someday.

Shelly Beauch said...

Amazing creations!

Zentangle said...

We knew in our hearts it would be something to many. (though not all) I don't know that we could have imagined it to have helped so many people in so many different ways......like how could we have thought of pain management? or stroke recovery? and that is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Basking in the warmth of our new CZT friends.....Maria