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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Pat Ferguson wrote:

Dear Maria & Rick,

I entered a quilt - Zen Dahlia - in the Narragansett Bay Quilters Association show this past weekend in North Kingstown RI.

It is based on Zentangle and quilting designs , many of which are very similar. The whole cloth quilt is 85" square and was hanging reversible, showing both sides. After being judged by a professional quilt judge I received a purple ribbon (98% quilting excellence) and Viewer's Choice Ribbon- this one means so much to me because the general public is telling me that they like the quilt.. I had so many wonderful comments on the complexity and originality of the quilting designs. Many thought that I had a computerized machine that did the work but I hand guided every stitch. Even the judge commented that this was a work of art.

I have attached a photo of just a portion of the outer corner of my quilt with a quarter placed for size comparison. I will be posting more photos of the quilt on my website very soon.

I am so looking forward to the teacher training seminar in May! Zentangle has allowed me to find many more quilting designs to add to my quilting repertoire and a whole new style of quilting!

Congratulations, Pat! And thank you, ". . . a whole new style of quilting!" How cool is that!

See you soon.

See more (and larger) images on Pat's award page.

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kass hall said...

congratulations Pat! Incredible work!

Heather Victoria Held said...

Absolutely beautiful work Pat!!! Congratulations!

Carole Ohl said...

Congratulation on your awesome work. I quilted long ago and can really appreciate all the love that went into this. I am also participating in the upcoming seminar. Look forward to meeting you!

cara said...

congratulations- this work is brilliant!

revbyrd said...

Marvelous worksmanship! Sigh. I do so enjoy looking at good art!

Lois Heinani Stokes said...

Awesome Pat!
See you at the seminar next week.

Shelly Beauch said...

Well done Pat and congratulations! I also quilted and understand the love and hours that go into a quilt, mine were never so creative though!! Beautiful!

Carole Ohl said...

It was so wonderful to see this quilt in real life! Thanks for bringing it to the seminar!